Make Up Assignment

MKT-3349-40-Consumer Behavior Spring 2021

Make-up Session Assignment This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment.

Please take the following steps for this assignment.

1. Pick one of the religious subcultures within either the Christian or Non-Christian

categories that you are familiar with the most. You can choose from among

categories not mentioned here, for instance, Hinduism.


2. Refer to your courses on ‘religion’ and the Internet to give a one-page description

of the subculture. For instance, describe the values, beliefs, religious practices, etc.


3. Then, search for consumption patterns within the subculture you have chosen.

Specifically, answer the following in one page.

• What is allowed or not allowed to be consumed? This could be food, alcohol,

and other products. For instance, some religious subcultures ban men from

wearing yellow gold.

• What is consumed during religious events at places of worship (food and other

things, for instance, candles)?

• What is consumed during religious events at home (food and other things, for

instance, gifts)?


4. The final submission should be two pages long. Please use font 12, double spaced.