Liberty university educ 606 quiz 6


Liberty University EDUC 606 Quiz 6


201840 Fall 2018 EDUC 606-B06 LUO


Quiz 6

Due Date

10/7/18 11:59 PM



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18 out of 20 points  

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30 minutes out of 1 hour


·         Time limit: 1 hour 

·         10 multiple-choice questions 

·         Open-book/open-notes 

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·         Question 1

2 out of 2 points

Within a given item format, the items of a test should be arranged by:

·         Question 2

2 out of 2 points

Each mark in a course should be assigned and interpreted as:

·         Question 3

2 out of 2 points

What is meant by “a given test item is highly discriminating?

·         Question 4

2 out of 2 points

Given the following item analysis data, with the correct answer marked with an asterisk, what is the difficulty level of this item?

·         Question 5

2 out of 2 points

Which of the following would require the greatest amount of teacher time?

·         Question 6

2 out of 2 points

All other things being equal, which of the following marking practices results in the most reliable grades?

·         Question 7

2 out of 2 points

The item discrimination index is used in test construction to ensure that there is:

·         Question 8

2 out of 2 points

Which of the following is a recommendation to help prepare students for a test?

·         Question 9

0 out of 2 points

Use the following set of data from a criterion-referenced test; which item is probably too difficult? 

·         Question 10

2 out of 2 points

Which one of these factors should determine the weights assigned to various components of a final mark?