Lecture 4 Notes

2 Lecture 3






· Last class, we talk about sneakers, manufacturing time …

· We are not trying to memorize something we are trying to learn the lecture

· Lecture 2 was about to cause and effect or human nature

· Read the essays or paragraphs backward so you see the mistakes you have made

· Rome conquered major words

· Every single word was in self-defense

· The Romans wrote all history

· If you love Life you love history

· The gods will not be in the Romans Side if the attack first

· If we evaluate ourselves, we have a long time to go

· We only see what we want to see

· People are not as bad as they seem






























· Males and females have a different way to communicate

· Often when we want to do the right thing it goes the opposite way

· Everything is looking after the man

· Herstory

· You can get a major degree on herstory

· Why are we focusing on these peoples? Roman empire

· History on the west is the history of white people

· Everything is cyclical

· On these old Americans history books, they would call Indians

· They were not from Indians

· Native of America

· Even day they are not native

· If you are Born here, you are native of America

· What is the problem with the term Hispanic?

· It means from Spain

· There many different religions, languages, or ways to do things

· Why is north up?




















· These Europeans draw themselves the map and put Europe in the top

· Rivers normally flow from north to south

· In the dark ages, Europe was in a bad situation

· The orient is the title of the east and the west is called the occident

· In the world map you Will see what is called the Greenland problem

· Africa is a gigantic continent

· If you are a bigger country, you are more important than the smaller

· Africa looks much bigger on a flat Picture than on the globe

· Another lesson is, it is very difficult to capture reality itself

· Ins Fl part of the south?

· Is Miami a southern City?

· Iran is not Arab






























· Alfred Muham

· We should not identify others just for the relation with us

· BC means before Christ

· When Jesus is Born that’s when the calendar is set to Start

· What happens in year 0? Nothing happens because there is no year o

· The Christian calendar was developed between 500 to 1500 (not sure if that it’s the right years)

· The numbers on your Watch, computer, phone, etc., call Arabic numerals

· The Greeks, they are not Greek they are ”Jilash”

· History is Reading by the winners

· Jesus Born at year 1

· The calendar was created by Usher

· The majority of the Earth is not Christian

· The Greeks have a dating system based on their Olympics

· Olympics were meant to honor Zeus























· Every four years were the Olympics

· A Lot of people criticize the Christians

· China calendar was based on their emperors

· They believed minutes had 100 seconds, Hours 100 minutes and they were 10 days a week

· Ptolomy he was the one who put north at the top

· We are cultivating the attributes of judgment is necessary for history and in Day to Day Life

· The word Clock comes from the word “cluga” that means bell

· The bells were run by people

· Noon was not twelve o’clock

· We are Learning to see the world in a new way

· Without geography because it been set that whiteout geography, we are lost

· Picasso is one of the most famous Artists in the word

· Picasso paid to do an Artist in the plate and the waitress accepted

· What concepts do we get from this?

· That all of Life is but a Canvas we are the artists

· The future is determined by the past