Job Evaluation at Whole Foods” Case Study, assignment help

Job Evaluation at Whole Foods” Case Study, assignment help

Read the “Job Evaluation at Whole Foods” Case Study.The Whole Foods Market has completed a job analysis and written jobdescriptions for Job A thorough Job I.

Respond to the following.

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1. Evaluation of Jobs andJob Structure

Evaluate the jobs listed in the Case Study and prepare a job structure based onits evaluation. Assign titles to jobs, and show your structure by title and jobletter.

2. Process, Techniques,and Factors

Describe the process you went through to arrive at that job structure. The jobevaluation techniques and compensable factors used should be described, and thereasons for selecting them should be stated.

3. Evaluation of JobDescriptions

Evaluate the job descriptions. What parts of them were most useful? How couldthey be improved?

You will need to follow APA style and format and have atitle page, brief introduction and conclusion, centered headings for majorparts, page numbering and page headers, and a reference page. The Case Studyshould be approximately 5–6 pages in length.