Italian assighment | Social Science homework help

I need this home work for me and my friend so it will be two short essayies


you are going to describe yourself using as many of the adjectives in “Come sei? As applicable


Your essay should be more sophisticated than one you would do for an elementary Italian course. Please see the following tips:


1.  Of course you have to use “sono,” but try to vary that a little, with phrases like “credo che sono …” (I believe I am), “mi dicono che sono” (they tell me I am …)


Instead of saying “Sono student(essa)”, say s/thing like:  “studio …”, “asisto …”, “faccio …”


Try using verbs:  Sono Atletico(a) can become more interesting by saying, “Scio,” “gioco a …”,

“faccio molto lo sport,” etc.


Try using other verbs as well.


Talk about your hobby (il mio hobby è…).

Try using expressions like “Mi piace (mi piacciono,” amo …,” “detesto …”