Isdm3d | Statistics homework help


Please discuss, elaborate, and reflect on the following from chapters 5 & 6. I have listed the important topics that you have to include in your discussions. Give examples and elaborate on the applications of the topic. After reading your textbook, I want you to have a good understanding of the fundamentals of each chapter and show it to me. Please don’t copy & paste from your textbook or some other online source. In other words, don’t plagiarize.  You can read online material if it helps to understand the material, but you have to write your own sentences. Remember the university has a software to detect plagiarism.  Here are the important topics in chapter 5 & 6. 

Chapter-5 Topics:

· What is a Z-score and how to use it?

· How do you compare Z-scores of two samples?

· How do you identify outliers?

· How do you explain a descriptive statistics report?

Chapter-6 topics and questions:

· Explain the differences between univariate and bivariate distribution.

· Compare correlation and Pearson’s correlation. 

· Where do you apply correlation?

· Explain Spurious Correlation?

· Compare correlation and regression. Describe the situations where they can be applied.

What are the conditions where the regression results will give reliable results?