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  1. watch the new documentary on Netflix “The Social Dilemma”.

proceed to provide your opinion.In your posting. Please also address within your response the following:

  • What was your initial reaction after watching this documentary?
  • Share one of two things that you learned from the documentary that will or already has triggered your view of the world of “digital”
  • If possible, tie in the current pandemic in here (coronvirus is a hoax etc).
  • Whats is your final take on things?

Please do not write an extremely long responses.  Just high level. I also don’t want 3 sentences either. Please make sure your grammar and spelling are correct as this an open forum and you should be presenting your best and most authentic self here.

I couldn’t help but feel unsettled by the end of this documentary. While I was fully invested and interested in the conversation being presented, I had an overwhelming urge to watch a light hearted TV show immediately once the film concluded just to take my mind off the issue. The thing is, it’s not like I didn’t know most of this information before; I knew that social media platforms were keeping an index of my searches, my interests and my locations. I knew that my data was used to activate sponsorships on my feeds that were tailored to my interests, mainly because I am in a major that promotes this business model. I often just choose to ignore thinking into it because I get to how I’m feeling right now: unsettled. Uncomfortable. Disturbed.

One of the points made in the documentary that stood out to me was the statement that refreshing your feed is equivalent to slot machines in Las Vegas and that this similarity was intentional. I know that in the documentary it was emphasized that the original creators of these functions did not have any malpractice intentions, but this point made me doubt that statement. I understand how it might be easy to dehumanize social media by looking at it as a business model and being unable to see the people that its affects personally. Overall, these are people who are ignoring ethics and morals in order to profit from addiction and manipulating people’s psychology.

Along the lines of manipulation, social media developers know that the COVID-19 pandemic is obscure to people and know that people are terrified of obscurity through basic principles of psychology. Instead of circulating minimal and current information from working professionals, social media developers are tracking terrified individuals who are looking for answers and sending them directly to conspiracies made by similarly terrified individuals.

Now that I’ve finished this documentary, I really want to delete all my social media profiles. The thing is, I’m in a major that relies on these platforms. Our world today is so reliant on and consumed by the importance of social media and my final take is that while social media is great for information, it also has to be restricted and managed ethically.