The “traditional” anthropological subject, if one ever existed, is no more. In our globalized world, there are few “isolated” societies or peoples whose practices and traditions have not transformed in response to colonialism, globalization, neoliberalism, or technological advances. In your final intercultural portfolio, describe a contemporary issue, problem, or challenge facing the cultural group that you have selected for this assignment, and how members of that society have responded to that dilemma. Apply course terms and concepts in your analysis, which should be between 5-6 double-spaced pages in length. 

The cultural group I am studying is The Indigenous Mayan People of Guatemala. The specific issue, challenge, or problem that this group currently faces is resource control, according to the following source, Maya | Minority Rights Group . 

-Must use terms : Globalization and Subsistence Farming

-Must have 2 more sources (one is listed above)