ASSIGNMENT 1 This course work is based on a case study exercise- company report. The coursework takes the form of a company/professional report written for the company board/senior management with you acting in an advisory capacity (as the HR Manager/HR Consultant). The purpose of the report is to give an overview of the context, identify the challenges faced by the company and provide recommendations to address those challenges. You must “ground” your recommendations in the relevant stream of literature and use evidence to justify your recommendations. The aim of this assignment is to assess your individual ability to construct and present a concise argument, rooted in relevant evidence that is logical and persuasive. The report must adopt a critical perspective. The report should follow a professional report format (do not follow the academic essay style). While the use of bullet points is permissible, their use should be limited. References must be used and can either be cited as footnotes or presented in a bibliography. As you should expect at this level and type of study, this assessment is intended to be an enjoyable, but vigorous, learning experience of the realities of this field. Company style management report • Need use of evidence • The report could adopt the following format: – Executive summary – Background, including any terms of reference – Methodology and Results (if appropriate) – Recommendations – References can used as footnotes or entered in a Bibliography study- company report. Deadline: 16th of April, 2016. Word count 2000 ATTACHED IS THE CASE STUDY TO BE EXAMINED WITH THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS (EXPATRIATE REMUNERATION EXERCISE) AND JUST A BRIEF EXAMPLE TO GUIDE YOU AS TO HOW TO GO ABOUT IT.