12.Identify in the following argument these fallacies, and say briefly why each

isa fallacy in this argument:

the golden mean fallacy

the straw person fallacy

a fallacious appeal to authority

an abusive ad hominem

a circumstantial ad hominem

a fallacious slippery slope (12 marks)

The current proposal to ban smoking in outdoor areas is unbelievable!If we accept

the implementation of this proposal we know what to expect next: oneby one our

rights to the peaceful consumption of legal products will be removeduntil we can

neither smoke nor eat nor drink any of the things that, somehow, weare still able to

purchase – no smoke today and no smoky bacon tomorrow. If thegovernment

wants to ban smoking it should ban the production of cigarettes ratherthan their

consumption. But governments are always too spineless to confrontindustry and

too greedy for the revenue from taxes on cigarettes. The Minister forHealth said

that as smoking is responsible for the greatest proportion ofpreventable cancers,

the reduction of passive smoking was one of the most effective publichealth

interventions the government could make. But cancer will never bewiped out by

stopping people from smoking outside their local café or in the parkor at the beach.

The Minister for Health just says these things because that is whatministers of

health are supposed to say these days in the nanny state Australia hasbecome.

Some of the finest Australians smoked all their lives. Bill Hunter wasone of

Australia’s finest actors and he smoked throughout his life. Why can’tthe

government just leave people alone? I’m no extremist though. I wouldn’thave the

government force people to smoke just as I wouldn’t have thegovernment ban

people from smoking. Allowing people to smoke outside public premisesbut not

inside is the right thing to do because it represents a middleposition in the debate

aboutsmoking in our society.