MGT3LWM Assignment Check Sheet Use this Assignment check sheet to make a draft essay plan Structure and content • Review the rubric to ensure you understand what you are being assessed on • The introduction describes what you are going to discuss – who (which leader), why you have chosen this person, what leadership style they embody, which challenges they face • Provide an overview of the leader’s background • Identify and explain their leadership style , drawing on at least one leadership theory from the academic literature, and provide evidence why you would say they are this kind of leader • Describe two challenges they have faced as a leader and how they have managed these challenges • Offer suggestions to improve their leadership • State what you have learned about leadership from studying this leader • The conclusion should summarise the key points/findings of the paper Writing & Critical Thinking • Please pay attention to: spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence length • Paragraphs should be no longer than 4 to 6 sentences • Ensure writing is clear – read your sentences out aloud to check they make sense and are not too long • Seek to link the flow of discussion from one paragraph to the next • Provide clearer definitions and explanations of core concepts used – for example ensure you describe the leadership style before applying it • Assertions must be supported by references Referencing & Inquiry/Research • Please use La Trobe LTU Harvard referencing style • Ensure consistent and accurate in-text referencing (surname, year) • Ensure consistent and accurate Reference List – are all references that are in the essay in the reference list and vice-versa? • Are there 10 cited references in the text, of which 8 are academic references? • Have you over-relied on a limited number of references? • Reference List should be in alphabetical order by first author name • Try not to use too many direct quotes – paraphrase in your own words • Direct quotes require the original page number e.g. (Author, Date, p_) Submission • Title Page; Assessment number & title; Student name and number; Submission date, Subject code • Check Word count (±10% allowed); Use: 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing Please ensure you have checked all the items above before making your final submission