Identify all the activities and their precedence relations for the wedding plan.Note: You are strongly encouraged to check your solution to part (a) with me or the TAs, before proceeding to the other parts.(15 points) (b) Draw the project network with arcs representing activities. Calculate the earliest and latest times of all events (nodes) using normal times for all activities. Find the critical path and the critical activities.(30 points) (c) Can the wedding be done by Jan 21? Why not? (5 points) (d) Use the critical path method to determine the minimum cost plan that meets the wedding date of Jan 21. What activities are to be crashed and by how much? What is the total cost of crashing? Show all steps. (20 points) (e) What do you think of the father’s suggestion that Miss Istics just take $1500 and elope? (5 points)