Topic: Improving fall risk in nursing home organizations
For this Individual Project, you will add a minimum of 30 references to your background on the topics and subtopics of your proposed research in the service of reaching mastery. You will construct a table that will support you as you rapidly amass knowledge related to your topic and subtopics. You may use the software of your choice. The table (or rows and columns) should be developed as follows:
Complete the following:
1. Identify a topic that you would like to start with.
2. Go to the CTU library or another credible source. Do not use Web sites that are not independently edited, refereed, or peer-reviewed (e.g., no general, individually produced, or sales or marketing Web sites). References should be less than five years.
3. Look for literature (preferably peer-reviewed, scholarly articles) on the topic that you selected.
4. Select an article of interest to you. Enter it into your bibliographic reference software (full text) so that you have it at your disposal. Note: For the next step, you will need to be able to highlight passages of interest.