Identify a host country that has a high repatriation risk for companies that engage in foreign direct investment. Once you have identified the country, observe the last balance of payments issued by the country. Does the selected country appear to be protecting its balance of payments? What implications are there for a multinational corporation that experiences delays, sometimes for many years, in the repatriation of cash flows? Document Preview:

Global EconomicsModule 10: Balance of PaymentsModule IntroductionReadingsRequiredChapters 10 & 11 in International EconomicsBatra, R., & Beladi, H. (2013). The U.S. trade deficit and the rate of interest( Review of International Economics, 21(4), 614-626.RecommendedChapter 10 PowerPoint slides (, International EconomicsChapter 11 PowerPoint slides (, International EconomicsPerisin, T. (2015). EU regulatory policy and world trade( EuropeanConstitutional Law Review, 11(1), 99-120.Stein, H. (n.d.). Balance of payments. Retrieved from Bank. (2015). Current account balance. Retrieved from Your SuccessThis module continues the investigation of the economics of international capital flows that began at theend of Module 9. In Module 10, we investigate the accounting of flows of capital in an out of a country andthen move on to look at the structure of international markets for foreign exchange.Be sure to participate in this week’s Discussion Board. As you respond to the discussion, please rememberto embed course material concepts, principles and theories (require supporting citations) along with atleast one scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article.Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi Digital Library by conducting anadvanced search specific to scholarly…