Identify a business that has recently experienced challenges / issues or taken advantage of opportunities related
to information systems/technology management from any newspaper or journal published in the last ten years.
? Write a report of between 2,000 and 2,200 words as defined by Word Count in Microsoft Word on the chosen
business and information systems/technology management issue/opportunity. A word count using Microsoft
Word must be included at the end of your report. The word count must not include the table of contents and
also references.
? The content of the report must indicate a sound knowledge of the use, and impact, of information systems
within the researched organization.
? Quotes from books, articles, the Internet, or any other source may not (in total) comprise more than 10% of
the business report and must be correctly referenced in the Harvard style. Where excessive use of quotes are
taken from any sources or where content is deemed not to be original in the case of excessive copying from
any sources then a percentage of the marks available will be deducted based on the originality report provided
Task Description:
? Teams of 2-3 (ideally pairs) will be working on the task throughout the semester in order to submit the
Report by week 10. Your group will complete a more in-depth case study based on the oral presentation
in week 5. You are required to conduct an audit of the management information systems used in a
selected enterprise. You will analyse the enterprise’s management information systems and make
recommendations including the strengths and weaknesses that were revealed. Describe how the MIS