Case Study: Your IT Support Crowd Pty Ltd.
Your IT Support Crowd Pty Ltd (YITSC) is an Adelaide based Information Systems Support
company. While also supporting various types of small to medium size businesses, YITSC
specialises in supporting resort management, real estate and legal businesses with their
specialist equipment and software requirements. These businesses have strict legal
requirements around network security and data privacy because of their Trust Account
management software and the sensitive client and guest data stored on the system
including credit card details, and other very personal information.
Roger Ben, a senior partner at YITSC, has been talking to clients about updating the security
of their systems and how they back up their data. A legal requirement for Trust Account
management is secure Offsite Backup of all trust account related data. Roger knows that
while some clients are happy to backup to a third party ‘Cloud’, most are unsure of the
security of cloud-based backups. Furthermore, some YITSC clients are part of corporate
businesses or franchises who would like to backup centrally to their own servers. Roger and
his partners discussed how they could cater for and all their client’s requirements and yet
retain oversight and control of the backup system.
They came up with the following concept (Figure 1):
• CLIENT – the client’s system where the data is stored that requires backup. The
‘CLIENT Backup’ application is installed on any computer or server with data that
needs to be transferred to a backup server
• SERVER – there is a range of different backup storage options such as third-party
cloud, YITSC servers, or an offsite corporate server. The ‘SERVER Backup’ application
stored on these systems receives and stores data from the ‘CLIENT Backup’
• CONTROLLER – YITSC central ‘CONTROLLER’ application system remotely sets up and
runs the ‘SERVER Backup’ application and then remotely sets up and runs the
‘CLIENT Backup’ application to send data to the ‘SERVER Backup’. The ‘CONTROLLER’
will log and monitor the backups and shut down the SERVER and CLIENT Backups
when the data has all been transferred to backup storage.