I need help with writing a paragraph(10-12 sentences), of what I do on a typical day.Write a description in Spanish, of what you do in a typical day (what time do you get up?; what do you do when you get up; what do you eat for breakfast? where do you go?; etc.) The description should be at least 10 sentences long and try to use the verbs that we went over in this lesson.
I am working at a beach, near my house and get up at 7.15am to be at work at 8am. My mother makes me breakfast, my favourite is a fried egg sandwitch with cheese. Once I get to work I have to make sure the beach is cleared of any trash and set up umbrellas and beach chairs. It is pretty hot working out in the sun, but I don’t have to sit in an office all day, so that’s a good thing. I usually get a break around lunch time for 2 hours and go back home for lunch. When I get back to work I check to make sure there are enough towels and answer any questions guests may have. We also sell water and beach stuff.