I have attach a fileed

I have attach a fileed

Question 1:

Specific Motors of Detroit has developed a new Automobile known as the M car. 24 M cars and 28 J cars (from Japan) were road tested to compare miles-per-gallon (mpg) performance. Sample 1(M-Cars) Sample 2 (J Cars)

Sample 1(M-Cars) Sample 2 (J Cars)
n1 = 24 n2= 28
X1 = 29.8 X2 = 27.3

S1 = 2.56 S2 = 1.81

Calculate a 90% confidence interval for the difference between mpg performance of the 2 car models.

A.) The manager claims that there is no difference in the mpg performance of M and J cars.

B.) Write out the null and alternative hypothesis to test the manager’s claim.

C.) Calculate the test statistic.

D.) Calculate the p-value.

E.) At a 5% level of significance do you accept or reject Ho.

Question 2:

Twenty undergraduate students are discussing the number of hours they need to study statistics for the final exam. They have three different plans. The entries in the table for the different plans are: