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PAPER for the Gatsby sequence:


As you know, we have done FOUR “preps” about various themes in the novel. This assignment asks that you take ONE of these preps and develop it into a PAPER.


Some basic criteria and reminders:


—It must be sent via EMAIL by midnight on Thursday, April 29th. Send Word files, NOT google.docs, pdf, idt, wps, etc…


—It must be 600—900 words.


—It must be based on ONE of the topics listed in the preps—please don’t combine them. Of course, you can and should make use of what you have already started!!


*—It must refer to specific characters and scenes and pages and quotes. Please do NOT just re-tell long parts of the plot. I’d rather have you refer to one or two scenes in detail. It might be very helpful to take another look at our handout on “Literary Terms.”


**—It must refer to some crucial moment(s) from the last THREE chapters.


You can send me notes and questions BEFORE the due date—but don’t expect to get a chance do re-writes AFTER the due date.



Nick Carraway is a thoughtful narrator who equipped with Yale education and several literary ambitions. However, he is full of contradictions. This paper seeks to explain the examples of Nick’s contradictory actions and ideas and how they are significant. First, he expresses his feelings of contempt towards the things that Gatsby represents but on the other hand, he is amused by Gatsby actions and behavior. Nick says he hates everything that Gatsby represents yet in due time, he becomes too close to him. He notes that there is something gorgeous about Gatsby and he is indeed fascinated by his heightened sensitivity towards people. Secondly, Nick presents himself as an honest person yet he conceals his shortcomings form the people around him. He says he is one of the few honest people he has ever met (Fitzgerald 60). However, he is not truthful because he conceals information about his affair with other women and his alcoholism. Also, he claims he does not like dishonest people but she still like Jordan Baker despite the fact that he knows he cheated in order to win. According to Nick, Baker is incurably dishonest but at the same time, he still liked her (Fitzgerald, 58). It is very much contracting how an honest person would love dishonest fellow. Perhaps this means, Nick himself is also dishonest. Nick also contradicts himself when he says he is non-judgmental, yet he does not give a blind eye to anybody’s flaws or strengths. Nick believes he is reserved from all judgments (Fitzgerald, 1) yet his is not the case. He thinks highly of himself and would not hesitate to criticize any of his friends who behave in a manner that is inappropriate to him. He believes everybody should conduct himself/herself with decorum just like him and failure to reach such standards is viable for criticism.





You’ll get full credit. But when you refer to “his affair with other women and his alcoholism,” who are you referring to? Nick winds up dating Jordan, but single people who date are not having “affairs.” And in the book (not the movie version), Nick actually doesn’t drink much and seems embarrassed by his actions at the apartment party with Tom and Myrtle.

And you’re quite right to note that gold old “honest” Nick actually seems attracted by “dishonest” people. Just see his reactions to Meyer Wolfsheim, a gambler/gangster who has his cuff-links made from human teeth.