Homeschooling Versus Public Schooling

This essay consists of the following parts:

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Power point Presentation:  please look at the sample attached

Researched Argumentative Essay  should be at least 2,500 words long.

Homeschooling versus Public Schooling


Essay 3: Researched Argumentative Essay

During Essay 2, you wrote an argument, which you provided some real world evidence to support. Now you will be required to write a longer, more formal argument. Keep in mind that you should still be using good essay structure with your argument focused around a specific thesis.

Using that topic, identify an audience, focus it around a purpose, utilize an appropriate tone, and use ethos, pathos, and logos to create your own argument. For this essay, craft an idea related to one of the essays the class has read or will read into an argument of your own. You should provide enough support for your argument to persuade a particular group of people to act in a meaningful way. You should identify a minimum two counterarguments that may persuade your target audience and partially refute them.

Be sure your essay contains:

· What is your argument?

· Still focus on a specific issue

· What evidence you are basing your argument on (the Backing)?

· Remember, the audience you are targeting does not agree with you. What can persuade them?

· What can persuade them?

· Why is your issue important?

· How does it affect society today?

· Why do people need to accept your argument?

· What is/are the background of the topic/topics involved? What are the causes and effects of the issue?

· Keep focused only on the most important and recent things that your audience needs to know about your argument: definitions, events, etc.

· Don’t start too vague or too far back..

· Develop logical, ethical, and emotional appeals to support your argument and convince your readers.

· Don’t use all emotional appeals or logical appeals; blend the types of arguments you use.

· Avoid Using Second Person “You” and “We.”

· Limit Use of First Person “I,” “Me,” and “Our.”

· Cite at least eight sources; six should be academic.

· Sources read for class do not count toward this total.

· Be sure you are using reliable sources.

· You may still use one or more class readings, but have eight other sources.

· See the source reliability lecture and powerpoint on Canvas to make sure your sources are appropriate.

· Detail and partially refute at least two counterarguments to your own.

· These counter arguments can be from class readings.

· It is suggested that you find someone that actually voices the opinion, so that you are not accused of attacking something that nobody argues.

· Try to find someone prominent (a government official or famous person) to base your counterargument on.

· Be clear and concise.

· Use proper essay structure and format: thesis statements, topic sentences, transitions, etc.

· This essay should be at least 2,500 words long.

· This essay must be in MLA format with Works Cited.

· Be sure to include a Works Cited Page in MLA format. If you are confused, try to assemble it first, then see a tutor.

Essay 3 consists of the following parts:

Annotated Bibliography Assignment:


These presentations will last three to five minutes and will contain a slideshow featuring at least two bullet points per paragraph. Each paragraph of the paper should be represented by a slide. Other students will then comment on improvements that can be made to the paper. If missed, 5% will be deducted from the final paper grade.

Be sure your presentation contains:

· A slide with your thesis statement (argument)

· One slide for each body paragraph

· Each body paragraph slide should contain one topic sentence

· Each body paragraph slide should contain around two to three comments

· One or more of your body paragraph slides might contain a counter-argument and responses to the counter-argument

· Cite sources

· Your presentation should contain at least seven slides and may be recorded to be played for the class. If you record your presentation, you will still be required to answer questions from the class during your presentation and take questions and suggestions from the class and the professor.

· The presentation should be a minimum of three minutes.