History Essay

LaunchPad is the only source allowed, likely Chapter 16, you can go further past 1877 and the advent of Jim Crow but please stay in the 1800s.  Focus is Chapter 16/Jim Crow/Extended Chapters

-Clear paragraphs.

-This is a formal written response.

-Please make the responses substantial and have clear analysis, ideally outline chapters and format before you make the initial post.

Response One: First Post

Many people were discouraged after the end of the war that  did Reconstruction not include a policy for the government to provide  African-Americans with land. What events and legislation occurred during and after the Civil War that made African Americans believe the federal government intended to make some form of land ownership available to freed men and women? Define the major factors that made racial reconstruction doomed to fail by 1877?

Response Two/Second Post: Read  one other post critically, expand on the political victory of Southern Democrats, and the resumption of their political power after the Compromise of 1877.  How did Jim Crow emerge after 1877?

-Look critically at other aspects of Reconstruction.  Define the major winners in terms of Reconstruction, please note it is not Republicans or African-Americans who won but Southern Democrats(Contrast the question of the wider failure of racial reconstruction/building on another response is designed to further the overall conversation)

Discussion Requirements First Response/First Post

  • The first response should be between 300 to 400 words.
  •  Only the text can be used.
  •  Formal paragraphs and in-text citations.  Please make sure that you have consistent in-text citation as well as a works cited.
  • The second response should be constructive and further the discussion.  There needs to be a substantive response, please avoid statements like “I like your response, especially, look critically at your own response and further the discussion.  For example, .  The second response should be between 100 and 150 words.
  • Include a word count.
  • Please be respectful of other students, no outside sources can be used but the text.
  • Make sure it is consistent in test citation in the discussion.
  • Avoid general and vague statements.
  • Do not move the discussion out of the historical context.
  • Do not draw modern contrasts unless that is presented in the discussion.
  • Please note the discussion will be graded.
  • Make sure to include a word count.

Second Response/Second Post Requirements

  • Should be 100 to 150 words.  Analysis and contrast needs to be present, you only need to respond to another student.  This is the length for the second post.  Once again for this initial discussion you only need to respond to one student.
  • Include a word count.
  • Only the text-book can be used.
  • Make sure to include a works cited.

In-text citation:

1. You may use MLA or Chicago.

2. Go into Launch Pad.

3. Go into the E-Book.

4. Go to About The American Promise, Eighth Edition.  Please note this will give you the information regarding authors and the overall premise of the book