Please read the attached file that contains the assignment instructions (“HIS 11 HW”) and also the assigned PDF of the readings.  Then answer the four assignment questions in a short essay, as the assignment requires.  



Answer the following question in a short essay (1-2 pages)


The Boston Massacre of 1770 was a key event leading up to the American Revolution. Read the description of the Massacre given by British Army officer Captain Preston.

(America Firsthand 9th edition pages 102-106; 8th ed. p. 91-93; 7th ed. p. 94-98).


Question 1. Using your own words, describe Captain Preston’s view of the incident. How did the trouble begin? How did his soldiers react to the crowd? Did his actions appear justified?


Next, read the accounts of American colonists George Hughes and John Tudor, and the one published in the Boston newspapers.

(America Firsthand 9th ed. pages 106-113; 8th ed. pages 94-102; 7th ed. p.98-106)


Question 2. How do these colonists describe the Boston Massacre?


Question 3. What are some major differences between their versions and the story told by Captain Preston?


Question 4. Finally, compare Paul Revere’s famous illustration of the Boston Massacre (on the other side of this sheet or in the book) to the other descriptions. Do you think his drawing was accurate? Why or why not?





Please be careful not to plagiarize or copy directly from your textbook.

Try to explain your ideas and examples in your own words.


If you do quote from the book, try to limit your quote to one sentence or less and be sure to use “quotation marks” around the quote, followed by the pg. number in (parentheses). For example:


…As Thomas Preston said, “my words were, don’t fire, stop your firing” (97).