i want the answer of the all questions included in the chapter not only chapter six can.all the of the qurstion included in kendall Hunt publishing.

Your first assignment from Feasted Landscapes, Vol. 1, 2nd Edition is to read Unit 1, Chapter 6, “Landscape and Patchwork,” pp. 43-46, from the eBook text available in the “Learning Materials” section.  After you have read the assignment, visit the Kendall Hunt Publishing website, https://www.khpcontent.com/, for access to the assignment questions.  Read and follow the instructions carefully on how to login and register.  Once you have successfully logged in and registered, you need to click on our course and section number, HIST 1301-71406.  Then, click on the Unit 1, Chapter 6 button of the course menu located on the left side of your computer screen.  From there, you will be able to view all three questions for the reading assignment.  To answer, click on the number for each question and type your response in the answer box given.  Be sure to provide a subject heading.  Finally, select “submit” to post your answer for the question.