His old lover federico came from buenes aires


So I recently watched the film Pain & Glory for my international cinema class. It is a spanish film directed and written by Pedro Almodovar. I did not know my paper is due tomorrow night and have no time to complete it. I have sloppy notes from when I watched it and will send it. Theres alot about the movie online when I checked. Let me know if you have any questions.

Notes: Pain and glory

He has tendinitis

His specialty is headaches and migraines

Suffers from pain anxiety and depression

He is atheist

His name is Salvador(the little kid)

(younger self) Lives in a cave in a little village with mom and dad

They live in Madrid

Salvador was the loneliest man

Salvador teaches illiterate man to write while he paints house for his family and helps fix it up. It was the mother’s idea

Jancita is the mother’s name

Salvador got a scholarship to a seminary school, he doesn’t want to become a priest but it’s the only way for him to get a good education

The man that writes gives a Script to his friend and wants him to take all the credit because it’s personal

His old lover Federico came from buenes aires

They caught up and kissed

The little kid is him when he was younger they go back and forth throughout the film to show his life

salvadaor coughs once and a while and they did a scan and found a lump pressing in his esophagus

His mother didn’t want him writing about her, she didn’t like knowing the public knows about what she says

The painter and the boy fell in love

The boy fainted as he was grabbing the towel and saw the painter naked

Painters name was Eduardo

Salvador saw the paining Eduardo did of him at a random art shop the man said the painting was anonymous and he brought it at a flee market in Barcelona. The back of it had a note basically saying how every time he writes he thinks of him and how he held his hand

Salvador is having surgery for his bone that is growing causing him to choke and cough

The ending of the film was showing a mic being held up showing thay it was all a movie. He recreated the movie of his childhood and life.

Directions from professor:

International cinema is boundless. It can take on any shape and reflect different cultures, politics, and industries in a way a single class can’t completely cover. This class introduces concepts that can help us navigate differences even while we acknowledge that we can never understand them all. In this assignment, you are to watch a non-U.S. film at Landmark Theaters, AMC Theatres, Digital Gym, or Cine Tonalá (Tijuana). Alternatively, you can view a non-U.S. film at the Italian Film Festival (Sept-Nov, sandiegoitalianfilmfestival.com) or Asian Film Festival (Nov. 7-16, sdaff.org). Write a 5 page double-spaced essay that analyzes the film from the perspectives explored in the class. Using the film and additional external research, make an argument about how the film engages with concepts of realism, film movements, genres, technologies, industries, or audiences. You will need to decide what kind of external information and context you need to convincingly make your argument.