This pack of HCR 230 Week 6 Discussion Questions includes:DQ 1: Post your response to the following: Do you believe the RA/EOB is an effective method of communicating claim adjudication information to patients? When you have received an RA/EOB in the mail, is it easy or difficult to understand? What suggestions could you make to improve patient-payer communication regarding the claim adjudication process?DQ 2: Post your response to the following: Locate one article on the Internet or University Library relating to Medicare post payment audits. Write a one-paragraph summary of the article plus a discussion question based on the summary. Well-written discussion questions include the following elements:- Open-ended questions that elicit a variety of responses- Promote thinking rather than fact-finding- Encourage analysis or evaluation- Connected directly to the week’s contentInclude the APA-formatted reference for your article in your post. Title your subject line appropriately and post your response as a reply to this message.When you respond to classmates, answer their discussion questions or pose additional questions based on their summary.