Our Guarantees


Do you know that most students averagely write 20 college admissions essays? Well, the number of essays you write depends on how many colleges you apply to join. In our experience, you may end up writing at least 12 essays or as many as 20 essays in this process.

As a student, you will have to write even more academic essays after admission to any institution. Even with the popularity of such assignments in schools, the irony is that most students cannot craft a perfect piece of academic writing.

The good news is that you need not worry anymore, our writing service will help you get the best papers.

Here are the guarantees that we offer:


Timely delivery

It is almost impossible to find an academic task without a tight deadline. Remember, one of the significant aims of learning institutions is training you to deliver under pressure. Therefore, you may sometimes get too pressed and delivering a quality paper within the remaining time becomes a tall order.

We at Swift Academic Papers can deliver huge chunks of work within a short time. Our expert writers have specialized in different disciplines. That makes it easy for them to deliver well-researched papers with no signs of rushed work within a short time.


24/7 assignment help

It is common to get stuck at night as the clock ticks to the early morning countdown. Lack of a helping hand in late hours is a considerable contributor to poorly researched and written work. Tutors and professors may not answer questions at night, but that is no excuse for sub-standard work.

Our writing service will offer a real-time solution at any time. We have a 24/7 customer support staff team that will offer quick help. Therefore, you can call, text or live chat with us even late in the night and our team will get back to you in a flash.


Privacy guarantee

Our essay writing service has a strict confidentiality policy. That means all the private information you share with us remains intact. We have an agreement that binds our staff against sharing any client information to ensure that no third party can access or use it for their benefit.

This policy also applies to all the transactions between our clients and us. As you know, financial information is sensitive and needs to be always protected. We have therefore encrypted our payment platforms to keep your details away from fraudsters. In general, we keep our workplace secrets so that you can shake off all your doubts.


Custom written papers

Are you worried about getting pre-written papers? Forget about it! Experienced writers are available to handle every project from scratch. Therefore, we do not pick past projects, twerk them to your instructions and deliver them. It is common practice with dishonest writing service providers.

We at Swift Academic Papers will give your project a fresh look. We research on the latest and avoid relying on any past information that may be misleading. That ensures the assignment follows the instructions given and most importantly has a relevant tone. Our custom services guarantee will give your project the quality it deserves.


Qualified and dedicated writers

We guarantee that your project will be in the hands of an experienced writer. Our team consists of writers who hold academic qualifications in different disciplines at different levels. We rigorously vet not only their skills but also their personalities to ensure they follow our workplace rules.

Besides, we have to ensure our writers come from English speaking countries. You can realize that from their mastery of English when they handle your project. We do not leave anything that may affect your score to chance. We pride in having a great team and guarantee the best in every project.


Professional editorial review

We do not just write papers but also go through them to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. We guarantee you professional editing services from top editors who ensure your work meets the desired quality before sending it to you.

Our editorial team also consists of qualified individuals who have all the skills required to perfect your project. We offer editing service for free after the writing process is over. Therefore, you receive a well-refined paper that is ready to submit to your school.


100% original papers

We guarantee authentic writing from the best writers. One way to score poorly or get suspended is by submitting copied work. You do not have to worry about that after ordering from us. Our experienced researchers and writers collect new data depending on your topic.

That makes it easy to write unique papers without any plagiarism instance. It is easy to convince any examiner with well-researched and non-plagiarized papers. We ensure that you can do that effortlessly by submitting ready papers to you.


100% Money-back guarantee

Different situations may necessitate a refund of the money you pay for a project. For instance, your school may alter an already assigned topic. In other cases, you may find out that the paper does not meet your quality expectations.

We guarantee a full refund in case of any of these situations. That makes it easier to reorder another paper that meets your needs or even use the money for other projects. This guarantee has helped us to ensure all our customers get satisfied with our writing service.


At Swift Academic Papers, we value impeccable quality. Therefore, we put all our efforts into ensuring that our clients get the quality they deserve. The guarantees we have mentioned above help us to deliver good papers that meet your needs and those of your institution.

As mentioned earlier, we guarantee everything from the timely delivery to custom written papers and money guarantee. We have all it takes to give your next project the best it can get. All our features can give you the confidence to choose us. Get our trustworthy services at affordable prices and from some of the best professionals.