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  1. Globalization

    Review the chapter 1 closing case: Carnival Cruise Lines: Exploiting a Sea of Global Opportunity. Fully answer at least two of the following six questions at the end of the case:1.  What global forces have contributed to the growth of the cruise-line industry?
    2.  What specific steps has Carnival Cruise Lines taken to benefit from global social changes?
    3.  What are some of the national differences that affect the operations of cruise lines?
    4.  Although most cruise-line passengers are from the United States, the average number of annual
    vacation days taken by U.S. residents is lower than that of workers in most other high-income
    countries (13 days, compared with 42 in Italy, 37 in France, 35 in Germany, and 25 in Japan). How
    might cruise lines increase sales to people outside the United States?
    5.  What threats exist to the future performance of the cruise-line industry and, specifically, of Carnival
    Cruise Lines? If you were in charge of Carnival, how would you (a) try to prevent these threats from
    becoming reality and (b) deal with them if they were realized?
    6.  Discuss the ethics of cruise lines regarding the avoidance of taxes while buying ships built with
    governmental subsidies.

    Respond to at least two of your fellow classmates’ postings.

  2. Exploring International Business
    Respond to following:

    a.  Read the article, Globalization effects: winners and losers of the 21st century. Discuss whether you agree or
    disagree with the author’s view on the globalization effects.

    b.  On the FITA website, select a country of your choice from “Country Profiles” dropdown on the left
    navigation of the webpage. List three items that you found surprising or particularly interesting about the
    business environment or business operations in that country, and explain why.