Your Global Mindset Essay should be a personal essay of around 5 professional-quality pages. It will count as part of your Final Exam.

Globalization is transforming the world’s economies into a single borderless frontier. The global strategy takes advantage of this transformation via a world-scale integrated, coordinated approach in which the whole world is seen as the firm’s marketplace. 

1.  In your own words, describe this transformation both qualitatively and quantitatively. What is the significance of this transformation for US businesses as well as for the organization for which you work? 

2. In your own words, define a global mindset. Why, in your opinion, is a global mindset necessary for US managers? What are the most important characteristics of a global mindset and how do they contribute to an organization’s success both inside and outside of the US? 

3. What are the principal leadership challenges in developing and implementing a global mindset? Please analyze this question from strategic, tactical and operational perspectives and consider perspectives drawn from theory as well as your own personal experience. Please discuss the particular challenges faced by your organization.

Please make ample use of examples to illustrate the points you wish to make.