Fraud Discussion 1

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Digital Economy and Electronic Commerce” Please respond to the following:

· From the e-Activity, analyze the causes of the cybercrime and make a recommendation on how to prevent that type of crime. Support your recommendation with examples.

· Cyberattacks are a threat to any company doing commerce on the Internet. Evaluate the types of threats that e-Commerce companies face from attack and recommend a strategy for preventing or mitigating the potential for an attack. Support your strategy with examples.

Fraud Discussion 2

“Interrelationship and Educational Opportunities” Please respond to the following:

· You are a fraud examiner and have been asked by your boss to prepare and deliver a training class to the entire accounting department on the interrelationship between auditing, fraud examination, and forensic accounting practices. Develop a training plan that highlights what you want the accountants to take away from the training that will make them more knowledgeable and aware of fraud and fraud prevention. Support your plan with examples.

· Fraud is a major issue not only in business, but also in everyday life. Evaluate the educational opportunities that exist and recommend an educational strategy that would be more effective than what exists today. Support your recommendation(s) with examples.

Forensic Discussion

“Commercial Damages, Liability, and Remediation Process” Please respond to the following:

· Give your opinion on the type of damages a plaintiff would mostly likely be awarded if he or she was wrongfully discharged from work. Provide support for your rationale.

· Upon completion of a fraud examination, the fraud examiner must complete the remediation process. Assess the importance of the remediation process and recommend a remediation plan that a fraud examiner could use to finalize a fraud investigation.