FNS60215: Advanced Diploma in Accounting- Law of Demand- Report Writing Assignment


Word Limit: Minimum 400 words and maximum 650 words

1. Explain the Law of Demand and supply with the use of diagrams.

2. Respond to the following scenario:
Assume that Apple finds a new, cheaper way to produce Ipads through a technological advancement.

Draw a diagram ;
a) Showing the market for Ipads before and after this technological change. Clearly draw any shifts of the demand or supply curves.
b) Mark the new price P3, the new quantity demanded Q3 and the new equilibrium E3.
c) Remember to label all your curves.
d) Explain the reasons for the changes with reference to your diagram.

3. Outline and briefly explain one form of market failure.

4. Explain the Oligopoly market structure. What are its characteristics? Give an example of an oligopoly market in Australia and how it fits in with the characteristics of the oligopoly market structure.

Word Limit: Minimum 500 words and maximum 750 words
To be effective in the financial services industry requires the ability to understand the economic
implications of local and world economic events. The aim of this macroeconomic media article analysis
assignment is to help you develop those skills by covering the elements listed above.

You are required to:
1. Choose a current macroeconomic issue and find at least three recent articles (one each) in a daily newspapers or journal or the internet that relate directly to theory on that macroeconomic issue. (e.g. an issue about inflation or unemployment – for example “Why is inflation bad?”, or related to the Federal budget, fiscal policy, monetary policy, balance of payments or exchange rates). Your articles must have been published after 6 February 2016.
2. Provide a brief introduction to the macro-economic topic you are covering.
3. Then detail the two or three most important issues contained within the articles that you have picked out of the media – explain how they relate to the topic you have chosen to analyse (bullet points may be used to facilitate this).

– Do not provide a lengthy summary of the article.
– You must explain the macroeconomic concepts in the article and draw attention to any related and relevant government policy issues, and any debates around the issue.
4. Use diagrams to clarify your analysis and write a clear explanation of what your diagrams are showing.