Saint Peter’s University

FN 415: International Finance, Spring 2017 Semester Dr. Matthew Fung Web Research Project

Project Description

This project requires you to test whether relative purchasing power parity (PPP) holds for a specific foreign currency that you are assigned to research. The project involves (1) gathering data from the Internet, (2) processing data, (3) running a regression, and (4) doing hypothesis testing.

Gathering Data

1. Log on to Blackboard and select the course shell for FN 415. Then click on the Assignments link on the left. You will see a link for a folder called Research Project. Click on that link, and the Research Project folder is opened. It contains the following files: Project Directions (this file), Country Assignment, CPI Data, and Project Model. Save all these files to a flash drive.

2. Open Country Assignment file (the file name is 415ProjAssign_sp17.xls) and find out the country whose currency you have been assigned to research. That file also tells you what time period to research and the base month for use in normalizing the raw CPI