Finsburry Logistics Inc. can render three different types of services: Standard Delivery,Special Delivery & Urgent Delivery using the same staff.

Various estimates for next year have been made as follows:

Service Standard Special Urgent

Delivery Delivery Delivery

(£ per unit) (£ per unit) (£ per unit)

Selling Price 30 39 20

Variable material costs 15 18 10

Other variable costs 6 10 5

Share of fixed costs 8 12 4

Staff time required (hours) 2 3 1

Note: The fixed costs for the next year are expected to be £40,000 intotal.

Requirements(consider all the requirements as separate and independent of each other):

(a) If Finsburry were toprovide only the Standard Delivery service next year, how many units of theStandard Deliveries would it need to provide in order to break even?

(b) If Finsburry has a maximumof 10,000 staff hours next year, in which order of preference would yourecommend the three services come?

(c) If the maximum market fornext year for the three services is as follows:

Standard Delivery: 3,000 units

Special Delivery: 2,000 units

Urgent Delivery: 5,000units

whatquantities of which service should the business provide next year and how muchprofit would this be expected to yield?