Final Project

Must follow the instructions

pay attention to what the professor asking for. there will be no time for revision. Thank you

I am going to attach more class content + powerpoints soon.


Alternative Assignment to Advocacy Project:

Theoretical Summary Paper: This course introduces students to the major theories of counseling that have been developed over the past century. Although there are countless theories of psychotherapy, this course is designed to focus on the major theories that have historically impacted therapeutic development and intervention. This assignment requires you to choose a specific theory you like (from the textbook/PowerPoints/notes from class) and write a summary. A summary gives the reader a brief overview of the main points (important information). Your summary should include: a brief introduction of the theorist (s), describe key concepts, explain techniques, and identify strengths and limitations of the theory, etc. Please do not use the author’s words; it will be an act of plagiarism. You must use your own words. Your summary should be between 5-8 pages, which does not include the title and reference page.

Due in 12 hours