Fin m8

Preferred tutors: 1) MD Minhajur Rahman Khan, 2) Sarah Khan, 3) Sonali Chaudhary, 4) Ashish Bhalla

DO NOT assign to: PRABHASH SHUKLA or Prashant Trivedi


* at least 8 full pages of writing (double spaced)- NO title page needed. NO paragraph titles, pictures, graphs, bullets, etc. and NO extra spaces between paragraphs.If you use paragraph headers, please make sure that the writing meets the minimum without any headers or extra spaces.
* Font is Times New Roman size 12 with 1″ margins all around (no boarder), and paper is all aligned to the right.
* Third person only (you can NOT use the word ‘I’).
* DO NOT use the words ‘it’ or it’s’ anywhere in the paper.
* Include an introduction and conclusion that does NOT contain facts or quotes.
* Any paragraphs must be no less than 4 full sentences! And a sentence is no more than two lines!
– Must have at least 5 references (with links)
– When you use a reference you must use quotes that are in “…” within the paper (and contain the incite reference- (authors last name of the reference, year in parentheses)….ex: “…” (Smith, 2014). If a quote is not used, please make sure I know what reference you got the information from (with it being cited in the paper)…ex: ….. (R1). Identify which reference is R1 on the reference page.
– There MUST be a separate page that lists the used resources, aka websites (Nothing without a link) (minimum of 3 individual resources (no books without links))- MUST HAVE WEBSITE to LINKS and NO Wikipedia references please.
– This assignment will be run through a similarity check, which must be lower than 30%. I know the requirements are a lot, but I don’t want to waste anyone’s time or having the paper redone. Please please please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you.


The global financial crisis started in 2007, producing adverse effects on The Walt Disney Company, which is a multinational companies (MNCs). Compare its financial performance from 2007 through June 2008 to its performance from July 2008 (when the international credit crisis intensified) to the present.

In your paper, analyze how and why the international credit crisis affected The Walt Disney Company ‘s financial performance. Address the following questions:

  • – Was Walt Disney’s revenue reduced due to weak global economic conditions?
  • – Was it adversely affected because of how the international credit crisis affected exchange rates?
  • – Was it adversely affected because of problems in obtaining credit?
  • – Was it adversely affected because of the kind of international financial investments it had?
  • – Was it directly or indirectly affected due to transaction, economic, translation, and country risk exposures?
  • – Has Walt Disney recovered from the international crisis?
  • – What is the future outlook of Walt Disney’s financial performance?

In answering the above questions, your paper must also include the following sections, pertaining to the MNC selected (The Walt Disney Company).

  1. 1- Overview of the Global (International) Credit Crisis: Discuss the causes of global credit crisis as well as how it started and other pertinent information about the crisis.
  2. 2- Adverse Effects of the Credit Crisis on The Walt Disney Company, as applicable, in terms of:
    1. Revenue: Reduction of revenues due to weak global economic conditions.
    2. Exchange rate effects: Loss incurred due to fluctuations or devaluations of currencies in Disney’s operating countries.
    3. Credit access: Effects of the global credit crisis on Disney’s ability to access credit necessary for expansion or operations.
    4. International financial investments: Effects of the global credit crisis on the Disney’s domestic and international investments.
    5. Transaction, economic, translation, and country risk exposures effects: The effects of the global credit crisis on the Walt Disney’s exposures due to transaction, economy, translation, and countries of operations.
  3. 3- Assessment of The Walt Disney Company Current Financial Performance: Include reasons for the current financial performance if Disney is recovering or has recovered. If no recovery has occurred, include the possible reasons for the lack of recovery.
  4. 4- Assessment of The Walt Disney Company’s Future Financial Performance: Include an assessment of Disney’s future financial outlook based on the current financial performance, exposures, and strategies.
  5. 5- Conclusion: Describe the overall conclusion of the effects of global financial crisis and recommend the best direction and strategies for similar future occurrences.
  6. 6- Exhibit(s): Include the financial statements as well as other data used in the financial performance review as exhibit(s)/Appendixes after the reference page. This is not included as part of the 8 pages.

Some web resources that can aid you include:

  • Evaluation of MNC’s financial information: MNC’s websites as well as finance websites (Yahoo finance, Google finance, and Reuters).
  • Country risk ratings and analyses:

Economic outlook: Check out current World Economic Outlook data for the MNC’s countries of operations.