Fight No More Forever

HIST147 Video Assignment – The West: Fight No More Forever (10 points)

Due: June 3 by 11:59pm (post response to Canvas)




This assignment assumes students have read Chapter 17 of the online textbook. Students should watch a segment of the PBS documentary The West about Native Americans after the Civil War. While watching the film, students should complete the questions on the viewing worksheet (pages 2 & 3 of this document) and submit their responses to Canvas. Students can access the video through the video link in the “Week Nine” module in Canvas and watch from 7:30 to 50:20. As an alternative, students can access the video directly through the Bellevue College Library.


Available at BC Library

Go to BC Library website

Click on “Databases” (on the left)

Scroll down to “Films on Demand”

Search for “The West: Fight No More Forever” (make sure you select full video)

Watch from 7:30 to 50:20



Responses can be written as either bullet points or complete sentences which ever works best to your note taking style.


Submitting Your Response

Students can submit their completed viewing worksheet in one of two ways.

1. You can download this file and type your responses below the questions on the viewing worksheet. And submit the file to Canvas.

2. You can print the viewing worksheet (page two of this document) and hand-write your responses as you watch the video. Then, take a photo of or scan your worksheet. You can submit the photo or scan to Canvas.




The West: Fight No More Forever

Take notes throughout the film on the key historical figures—George Armstrong Custer, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse







What was the impact of gold in the Black Hills?






What were the terms of the Treaty of 1868? How did Native Americans view this and other treaties?







How did the U.S. try to obtain the Black Hills?


What is the size of the U.S. military in the west? What was their mission? Who was in the army? What is life like for U.S. soldiers?







What happened at Rosebud Creek?








What happened at Little Bighorn/Greasy Grass?








What was the U.S. response to Little Bighorn?