Federal objective 13 | Government homework help

 I need you to read the power point and answer the questions 

1. Differentiate a constitutional court from legislative/special courts, including examples of each.

2. Define jurisdiction, including its types (e.g. original, appellate, concurrent, etc.).

3. Identify the structure of federal and state courts, including how this relates to the concept of jurisdiction.

4. Describe Marbury v. Madison, including how it relates to judicial review.

5. Define writ of certiorari.

6. Differentiate judicial activism from judicial restraint.

7. Define the major types of law—e.g. criminal, constitutional, statutory, administrative, common (stare decisis/precedent), and equity.

8. Identify the basic steps the Supreme Court takes in accepting cases (the Rule of Four) and in reaching a decision.

9. Identify the types of opinions issued by the court such as majority, concurring, and dissenting.