FBLA Entrepreneurship Competition PPT- 14 Objectives on Personnel Management

FBLA Entrepreneurship Competition- Personnel Management This is a lesson plan PPT for an Entrepreneurship Competition regarding Personnel Management. Your job is to develop a lesson plan Powerpoint with detailed bullets points on the 14 objectives (see below) regarding Personnel Management. The lesson plan must be logical and analytical. PPT length must be at least 14 pages. In attachment, you will see a sample Lesson Plan PPT and Sample Competition Questions (the test on the lesson plan materials). Please include some of the Personnel Management questions you found in the test bank in the Lesson Plan PPT. The 14 Objectives you must cover in the Lesson Plan: 1. Prepare organization chart and job descriptions to expedite workflow. 2. Develop, explain, and maintain written personnel policies, rules and procedures including a grievance system, to ensure consistency and to help employees perform their jobs. 3. Evaluate the effects of employee absenteeism, errors, or other negative employee relations on business productivity. 4. Plan, develop, and implement employee orientation and ongoing training programs. 5. Develop employee recruitment plan to obtain qualified employees. 6. Develop and manage an organization’s salary administration and benefits program to service employees with options and benefits. 7. Develop and implement a plan for evaluation of employee performance and productivity. 8. Develop separation, termination, and transition procedures for processing employee personnel actions. 9. Develop and communicate to employees the customer relations policy. 10. Plan and manage work schedules and personnel to maximize operations. 11. Maintain safe and healthful working conditions. 12. Identify and explore career opportunities to create a professional growth and development plan. 13. Exhibit positive work behaviors and personal qualities to enhance the work environment. 14. Motivate and supervise personnel to achieve completion of projects and company goals. Additional Test Questions can be found here: https://quizlet.com/subject/FBLA%20Entrepreneurship/?price=all&type=sets&creator=all