ENG 2570 Final Project

We have covered much ground in ENG 2570 this semester. From the beginnings of African American Literature to the present moment, we have been introduced to some of the multi-layered facets of the African American experience. Although the overall goal of your projects will be the same, you will have several options for your final project. Choose one of the following:

Option A: Create a collage of images or a slide show based on your understanding of a text or theme that we discussed this semester. Canva, Piktochart, and Picmonkey offer free platforms to create projects. You may upload your own images to these sites as well. Your collage must contain a write-up that is a minimum of three pages explaining the significance of the images you chose. Make sure there is a connection between your images as well. You may synthesize texts/themes but be sure the idea you’re communicating is clear. For example, if you’re focusing on losing the body perhaps you can compile images from different eras that represent this concept.

Option B: Choose a song that you think best represents a theme/text we have discussed this semester. If you go with this option, you must include the lyrics and a write-up that is a minimum of three pages (lyrics not included) explaining the song’s connection to a concept/text covered in class. Your song can be from any genre or any era. It can have words, or it can be an instrumental piece. For example, consider discussing how themes from the past are reflected in today’s music (i.e. GOODie Mob’s “I Refuse Limitation” is a modern-day slave narrative).

Option C: Engage in some digital storytelling. Tell a story digitally by recording yourself discussing a theme/text we have covered this semester. Your recording must be 3-4 minutes and should not be a rant . It should be a well-thought-out video analyzing a motif or text that we encountered during class. If you have a background in filmmaking/editing feel free to use those skills on this project. Videos must be accompanied by a written explanation of your work that is a minimum of three pages.

Option D: Compose your own original poem/song/visual art piece based on a text or theme covered this semester. Your work must display a connection with the material we have covered this semester. Any poem should be a minimum of ten lines and songs should be at least two minutes long. You may record your work. Any creative piece must be submitted with a three-page explanation.