(DQ) Biz News – CSR (Purpose Driven)

Most Reputable Companies

Review this Link from Reptrack (formerly Reputation Institute).

https://www.reptrak.com/blog/2020-global-reptrak-infographic/ (Links to an external site.)

(NOTE: you may have to fill out a form to see graphic, complete it using a student at DU Denver)

  •  Read the entire info-graphic
  • Select one of the 10 reputable company of your choice (OR Google another random company that you like to see if they have a report)
  • Then go to your computer and Google search the name of the company you have selected and type in CSR report “Company Name CSR report”.
  • Find the most recent report (probably 2019). It may be called a sustainability report
    • (If you can’t find a report the company selected look for another company on or off this list.)
  • Assess and audit your findings & answer the following:
  • Attached the Report to your initial post **

CSR (or Sustainability) Report

  1. Explain in a short paragraph what the company is doing for the PLANET (environment).  PEOPLE (the community, diversity etc.), PROFIT (or ethics, governance)
  2. What do you think (or consumers think) the company’s CSR practices (back up with facts)?  Do you believe the selected company should promote/communicate (or advertise) their social good? (Why or Why Not)