Discussion Topic

In this unit’s Discussion Boards, you will discuss the influence of control versus dependency, physical health, negative life changes, and social support on older adults’ psychological well-being

Adults in the last stage of their lives often prefer to spend time doing favorite activities and socializing with those who are close to them. By this stage, most adults are retired and living a life that can become complicated by new choices such as type of living arrangements or loss of freedoms (e.g., driving). Use the information from your Reading to respond to the following questions.

  • Using one of the theories in your Reading, why do you think an older adult might choose to live in the same house that he/she has occupied for most of their adult life, rather than moving into an alternate living arrangement such as assisted living or with relatives? Explain.
  • Why do you think that some adults become depressed and anxious during this stage of life while others remain positive and active?
  • Propose a plan for addressing an age-related concern for a group therapy session (e.g., stage of grief; loneliness; reminiscence; etc.).

In academic, research and clinical settings, colleagues often openly review each other’s work. After evaluating your classmates’ proposed group therapy session, what suggestions would you offer to better facilitate their plans? Remember that psychologists often work on teams, so use this opportunity to build interventions as a team.