Discussion 1 “Change at Dupont” Please respond to the following:

Discussion 1

“Change at Dupont” Please respond to the following:

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Explain how the approaches to change of organizational development (OD), appreciative inquiry, and sense making are embedded in the case study “Change at DuPont.”

Based on the recommendations made in Chapter 7 of the Palmer textbook for implementing change, propose at least two strategies that could have been implemented in the “Change at Dupont” case study that would have made the change process more efficient. Then, reflect on a process in your current place of employment or one from your past that required or requires a change. Select one of the approaches and discuss how the selected approach is best for the situation and the process.


Discussion 2

“Downsizing” Please respond to the following:

Consider a situation where the company you work for has decided to radically downsize its workforce in order to streamline operations and improve the overall efficiency of the organization. Based on the implementation strategies covered in Chapter 7 of the Palmer textbook, select which strategy you believe is the most appropriate to handle this type of change. Justify your answer.

Imagine that instead of downsizing, the company you work for was in the process of acquiring a competitor through a merger or acquisition. Describe how the implementation of the change strategy mentioned in the first part of this discussion would change based on this information.