Cultural Identity

Cultural Identity Paper Grading Criteria

Instructions as in Syllabus: You will be required to write a paper exploring your own cultural development over your lifespan. You will need to discuss at least 6 course terms and clearly connect them to your culture. The paper will require you to reflect upon your own life experience by identifying shared experiencesrites and ritualspersonal beliefsintergenerational patterns, nationalityrace and ethnicity (just to name a few!), which influence your culture. Feel free to add “creative” elements to your typed paper, such as visual elements, traditional recipes, clipart, pictures, collages, and/or brochures representative of your personal cultural identity.

6 Cultural Themes/Terms Defined and Connected to Thoroughly (E.g., Social norms, ethnicity, values, traditions, language, cultural context, etc).

Word for this project would be 2000 words


Note: I am Vietnamese (Was born in Vietnam). Asian Culture. Male 25 years old. Currently living in United States (Move to live in United States for 2 years so far).