Consumer Behavior

After reading Chapters 7&8 of our textbook, complete the following assignments:

A. Imagine that you work for a large advertising agency. Your supervisor has asked you to analyze the attitude functions of large consumer segments for several different clients. For each client, you need to analyze the need or the desire served by the client’s product or service. This provides clues about the attitude function that is most likely to be associated with each product or service. Based on this functional analysis, design an ad that tailors different persuasion techniques to different attitude functions. Your Challenge: Perform a functional analysis and design appropriate ads for each of the following clients:

1. General Motors

2. Carnival Cruises

3. A local hospital

4. Your university

B. Go to page 216 of our textbook and read the Managerial Application then answer the following –

1. Compute attitudes for both consumers. Which consumer likes the product more and why?

2. For the knowledgeable consumer, which attribute(s) need improvement?

3. For the consumer who knows little about the product, which attribute(s) need improvement?

4. Explain how to influence b and how to influence e for consumer A and for consumer B.

You  MUST USE THIS TEXTBOOK Consumer Behavior 2nd Edition Frank Kardes, Maria Cronley, Thomas Cline ISBN: 978-1133587675

Maximun 3 pages + reference and must be in APA 7 format