Compensation program help, Management homework

IP 415 Compensation program help, Management homework

Deliverable Length: 800–1,000words

A strategic purpose for awell-blended compensation program, one that includes various types of directcompensation, is gaining employee commitment and productivity. One of the mosteffective tactics for this strategy is designing a process for linkingindividual achievement to organizational goals.

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Prepare a report tosenior leaders addressing the following:

  • Explain the concept oftying performance to organizational goals.
  • Describe the differenttypes of individual and group-level performance measurements.
  • What are the advantagesand disadvantages of individual versus group-level performancerecognition?
  • Discuss the options anorganization has to link individual or group monetary rewards toorganizational success.
  • Develop recommendationsfor how to implement, monitor, and evaluate such a program.