Community Health Review

 Community Health Review

Epidemiology Practice

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1. There are 346 students at Hillside School. During March and April, 56 pupils were absent with chickenpox. (A) What is the attack rate for chickenpox at Hillside School? The 56 pupils who were absent had 88 siblings, 19 developed chickenpox. (B) What was the attack rate among these children? Of the 75 total cases of chickenpox, one child died. (C) Calculate the case fatality rate for chickenpox in this epidemic in the Hillside community.

Two weeks before the first case of chickenpox appeared at Hillside School, there were 3 students visiting from other cities. Two students came from Grosbeck and one came from Livingston. As the epidemiologist for the school district is there any action you need to do?

Calculate and answer all questions.

(A) What is the attack rate at Hillside School?

Attack rate = Cumulative incidence of infection in a group observed during an epidemic X 100

Number of people exposed

(B) What is the attack rate among these siblings?

(C) Calculate the case fatality rate.


Needed information

· The incubation period of chickenpox?