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Revise the following sentences to correct dangling and mis-placed modifiers.

Negative news is frequently placed in dependent clauses to help de-emphasize it.  Unfortunately, some dependent clauses and phrases are dangling or misplaced modifiers.  Do the exercise from Appendix B.6 on page 608 to help you learn to recognize this error. Submit the corrected sentences, in order, here.

“B.6 Improving Modifiers

1.Originally a group of four, one member dropped out after the first meeting due to a death in the family.

2.Examining the data, it is apparent that most of our sales are to people on the northwest side of the city.” 

3.As a busy professional, we know that you will want to take advantage of this special offer.

4.Often documents end up in files that aren’t especially good.

5.By making an early reservation, it will give us more time to coordinate our trucks to better serve you.