Note:I need complete 2-3 pages paper on the following assignment. HALF PAGE LENGTH IS NOT ACCEPTED. Must address the all steps properly.  Must include 3 credible references from required readings and cited in APA.  Must provide 100% original work.DO NOT PROVIDE THE PREVIOUSLY USED WORK.DO NOT WRITE QUESTIONS IN ANSWER!Assignment:(My selected cultural group is African American and health issue is diabetes)Continuing with the same cultural group and health issue that you began in past Module, write a complete 2-3 pages paper to address the following:1.       Describe the Cultural Empowerment of the group you chose.2.       Specifically address how each of the PEN-3 model’s three factors within the dimension of cultural empowerment applies to your group, and provide examples.3.       Use subheadings to clearly show that you have addressed each of the three factors.4.       Support your discussion with references from scholarly and professional references (not just your opinion).In your paper:•              Must include proper introduction and conclusion•              Must include 3 credible references below, and cited in APA.