Case Synopsis

-This synopsis will be 1-2 pages in length (max 2 pages) capturing what you have learned from cases during the session

-Case synopsis is not supposed to be a simple combination of all four cases. Students are supposed to synthesize the cases in a way that the synopsis could provide a comprehensive picture and deeper insights








24749 Entrepreneurial Marketing Management 2020

Case 2: Technologies that Change Entrepreneurial Landscape


1. According to the source 1, Google Duplex demonstrated a seamless natural language understanding capability. In what area other than making reservations do you think this technology could be useful?


Answer:This technology can also be used in some public places for consulting services, replacing human labor and making it more convenient and efficient. For example, in a scenic spot with no ticket sales, this technology can perfectly answer the different needs of different customers and complete the content according to the instructions given. This technology has the flexibility and recognition of human beings, just like everyone’s personal assistant.


2. According to source 2a GPT 3 demonstrates an impressive capability based on its understanding of human language. However, it also has limitations, as shown in source 2b. What are these limitations?


Answer: When asked unrealistic questions, GPT-3 doesn’t say I don’t know, but waffles on the answers. Gpt-3 can answer some obscure questions, but it can’t be as flexible as human beings. In the face of unknown problems, it doesn’t say “I don’t know”, which is a kind of wrong guidance for users.


3. There are various human jobs. AI is predicted to replace many human jobs within the near future. What human jobs, other than building webpage, do you think the current version of GPT 3 could replace effectively? In what human jobs do you think GPT 3 will struggle most?


Answer: GPT-3 can effectively replace human computing work, some data collection work, and some answer-only work, for example, calculation and data both need accurate answers, these refined, systematic work can be entrusted to GPT-3. For GPT-3, jobs that require negotiation are a huge challenge, because negotiation requires not only skill but also flexibility.


4. Week 5’s lecture discusses various concepts and methodologies on PR. How do you think the technologies and devices shown in the sources above would change the manner PR would conducted in the future? Choose one of the following concepts from week 5 lecture and discuss how the chosen concept will be affected.

Answer: In the future, the above AI technology can be used to predict the value of the customer’s life cycle. The use of AI technology can effectively improve efficiency and reduce costs. When a startup sets foot in a new business model, it can seize new market opportunities and occupy market share. CLV depends on three factors: customer acquisition cost, annual interest rate that customers can generate for the enterprise, and the number of years that customers may purchase from the enterprise. Under AI technology, data acquisition will be expanded and analyzed. And through the acquisition of data analysis insights to quickly provide the corresponding services, analysis of the market situation. Predictive data can also be obtained and enterprise and data security can be guaranteed.