Case Study

Case Study assignment / 30% of Final grade The students will create a case study based on the restaurant that the student has chosen for their externship. This assignment will be based on the marketing efforts of the outlet or chain of outlets that that you have chosen. The goal of the assignment is to present an objective view of the operation. The student may choose to employ any or all the following in their assignments – Interviews, Articles and news articles, Web based information and opinion, Demographic evidence, Menu critique, Industry magazines and periodical articles. The case study will include – An overview and brief history of the company – A clear description of the products/menu items being sold and the pricing structure – Target market needs, wants and demands – An objective view of the company’s placement in their niche market and a general study of market competition. – Marketing successes (advertising, promotion, public relations, internal marketing and direct marketing efforts) – SWOT analysis – A final synopsis or overview of the operation