Scenario: You have recently been hired by a firm (provider of Telecommunication voice and data solutions) to design, build, develop, and manage a salesforce of 10 people. Your Sales Director has given you the following objectives:


1. By the end of year 1, you will have fully staffed, trained, and assigned customers/territories to your salesforce.

2. By the end of year 2, you will have gained 50% market share (of customer total telecommunication spending budget).

3. By the end of year 3, you will have grown profit margins across your customer base by 10%.


The following are some facts to help you further assess your opportunity and challenge:

· Your company has recently finished building the infrastructure required to deliver service throughout North West Ohio and South East Michigan.

· Customers are considered major market – they represent significant revenue/profit potential and their needs are somewhat complex. On average, they spend about $1M annually in telecommunications.

· Customers cross all industries – the top 5 industries are manufacturing, retail, healthcare, education, and business services.

· Competition consists of 2 other major providers (3 in all now including your company).



Develop a comprehensive salesforce leadership plan to address the following:


1. Organization Design & Strategy Planning (10 pts)

a. Sales Channel Strategy (Integration of various selling channels e.g., Internet, Telemarketing, Industrial Distributors, Independent Representatives, etc.)

b. Salesforce Specialization

c. Territory Design and Account Assignment

2. Recruitment and Selection Plan (10 pts)

a. Planning: Job Analysis, Job Qualifications, Job Description, Recruiting Objectives, Recruiting Strategy

b. Recruiting: Sources, methods, cost justification

c. Selection: Interviewing methods, etc.

3. Training Plan (10 pts)

a. Objectives

b. Methods/Media

c. Budget

d. Evaluation Techniques

4. Motivation Plan (10 pts)

a. Compensation plan design

b. Incentive plans

5. Evaluation Plan (10 pts)

a. Coaching and Development

b. Performance Evaluation

c. Performance Improvement

Post your Capstone Plan Document to the Bb by the date listed in the course schedule.


The following rubric will be used to evaluate your plan.


Grading Rubric to be used

Criteria Points


Answers for each section cover all parts/aspects of the questions and are in-depth. Answers are related to material or content covered in class or text. No spelling or grammar errors.


Answers for each section cover some but not all parts/aspects of the questions and are somewhat in-depth. Answers are only somewhat related to material or content covered in class or text. Only 1 or 2 spelling or grammar errors.



Answers for each section cover only a few parts/aspects of the questions and are lacking depth. Answers are not related to material or content covered in class or text. Many spelling or grammar errors.


Late submission of work 50% deduction from earned score